Friday, March 18, 2011

Party hairstyle to look like a model

Party hairstyle to look like a model

Let no one say to keep her hair up and not going, especially now that the Top Knot has become more than a formal hair combed in a street that celebrities and girls are common to any place, but sometimes we find the emergence of a classic looks spectacular. I think when it comes to wanting to be a shocking holiday hairstyle, we should not be timid, some of them by themselves make us shine like never before.

The model in the image of a 2010 campaign held preotoño designer Donna Karan, has such a hair higher than some would consider "retro" but who are not really, because if you look good are hairstyles that are still valid in some measure. In any way, if you're thinking of wearing a hair through her hair up, this is certainly a good choice. Right?

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