Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Hairstyles for round faces 2011

Hairstyles for round faces 2011

Although there are many hair flowing in the female heads, not all are designed for round or chubby face. In fact, if you choose wrong, it could mean the difference between a flattering hair style or a disaster.

The main feature of a round face is round or that is wider than long, and usually characterized by a round chin.

When choosing a hairstyle the aim should be to minimize the roundness of the face to lengthen it. If you have jowls keep the hair around the face, covering in part the chin, trying to highlight the eyes. The back should be slightly longer.

An easy trick is to raise the hair on the crown and place spray at the roots. This will create the illusion of more narrow face.


Short hair - There are many short hair styles that you can see well. The key is to add height and volume at the top of the head. Thus, the face looks thinner. Also, opt for layers throughout the hair to remove bulk and weight to the sides. Keep your hair on the face (side) and lift the crown height.


Hair half - a cut with lots of layers around the face to the chin and neck are the framework for a very pretty face shape. This cut is appropriate for coarse or fine hair.


Long hair - must be borne in mind that should be forward. Should also be cut into layers and styling tips forward. Long wavy hair can also conceal the roundness. The gentle waves can help the face look more closely.

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