Thursday, March 17, 2011

Human Hair Extensions

Human Hair Extensions

Lot of people these days wants to get human hair extensions. This is a fashion trend these days. The down side of this if you don’t do your homework in applying hair extensions You might end up having a bad hair day, for there is a beautiful way of having this great extension and allowing your beautified hair to grow healthier.

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Let’s begin. The individual method is compose to talking small amounts (about 20-50 strands) of your extension hair choice (might be natural or), and applying these to small sections of your own hair by either weaving in, heat fusing it, also gluing, clamping with those metal rods or try using waxed and polymers, these methods also involves coating your hair with either chemical or foreign substance, except for the clamping thing. Although these extension usually lest few months before you take them all out and completely redone. Main thing is that it would be a problem with this known method that you would be taking out the hair extension out without actually risking anything.


Majority of people who sell these kinds of methods to clients will solemnly swear that there will be no damage to you own hair, but according to one human hair extension expert I heard of said “in 17 years of doing hair extension we have yet to see a client who has previously had the individual method applied without a slight risk to their own hair so purchasing from a good vendor is always advised and getting yourself informed .

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